Who We Are

The SaiYoga Story

SaiYoga MStudio is the place where tradition meets revelations through a sensible Yogic approach. We began as a social movement to curb the misguidance and misunderstanding of "Hatha Yoga" amongst the public which was often perceived and experienced as painful, resentful, and complicated. 

Eventually, our path lead us toward reconstructing the Malaysian lifestyle of ours learners towards a healthier and happier chapter through our Yogic guidelines, starting from the comforts of their home.

Today we are moving into various areas of educating potential learners on the importance of adopting Yogic consciousness in their daily activities either at the busy workplace or at the quiet public parks or even while watching their favourite Netflix series, wherever possible to light the lamp of synchronicity.


Our Yogic Mission

All Life is Life


One of the biggest problems that almost everyone faces in this modern society is finding true happiness daily in relations with our partners, family, friends, creation, and even ourselves. The demand for this so-called modern lifestyle is packed with all types of stress triggers which leads to many known diseases. We strive to develop unique Yogic guidelines that unfold the secrets of a happy life through deciphering ancient teachings from our ancestors that unwires all root causes and preventing learners not to become a victim of it.


Our profound Outdoor Yogic lessons are focused on Grounding Therapeutic Technique that helps overcome chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, cardiovascular diseases as well as chronic pain. Our Yogic guidelines work by realigning our electrical energy and reconnecting to our Loving Mother Earth; Gaia. Through her, all matters can be resolved when we understand the how tos'


Understanding the matrix of our own body system and its inter dependable elemental workings, every learner will be guided to develop awareness through all forms of interactions. Harnessing this awareness will rejuvenate the mind-body synchronisation and reverberate deep-rooted fears, waves of anger as well as healing hidden physiological or psychological issues.