Gurvi Mandira

A Yogic Journey

I was introduced to Yoga through my late father who was a well-known general physician in our village, here in a remote town in West Bengal, India. Despite his extensive years of medical practice as a general physician, he always emphasized healing through Ayurvedic ways.

Yoga was a compulsory curriculum activity during my primary and secondary school years. That was when my teenage Yogic skills were further honed and built more interest by learning the theories behind Yoga.

Only during my tertiary education; Masters's in International Fashion Design, I decided to pursue my journey to equip myself with appropriate academic certification in teaching Hatha Yoga at Murarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, under the Ministry of AYUSH. Here is when my journey as a Yogini and Herbalist began with so many wonderful moments finally allowing me to establish SaiYoga in 2015, as a mobile yoga studio.

Just like playing a musical instrument, Yog teaches you to be present at the moment of experiencing. SaiYoga is established with that same awareness. Nothing brings me more joy than to be able to infuse these simple Yogic life hacks to my students to help them become better versions of themselves.

Here at SaiYoga, we offer to visit and bespoke group or individual sessions to accommodate every level of learners as well as Ayurvedic dietary advice to help achieve healthier mind-body wellness as well as natural healing remedies to overcome any diseases.

Get in touch with me if you’re new to yoga or want to find out more.

All My Best, Namaskar

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