hand Mudras


The Principles

In Hatha Yoga, mudras are used in conjunction with Pranayama (yogic breathing exercises), generally while in a seated posture, to stimulate different parts of the body involved with breathing and to affect the flow of Prana, Bindu, boddhicitta, Amrita or consciousness in the body. Unlike older tantric mudras, hatha yogic mudras are generally internal action, involving the pelvic floor, diaphragm, throat, eyes,  tongue, anus, genitals, abdomen, and other parts of the body.

Examples are Mula Bandha, Mahamudra , Mahamudra etc.


"Everything in this universe has a source. There is a central point in this source which is the ultimate energy point".

Based on this same principle, even the solar system and world has its centre. waves are created at this centre and try to rush out. These waves pass through certain areas, they create subtle particles. They take shape of atoms. These action and reactions of atoms take place continuously and create matter. Earth,Water, Fire, Air and the Sky(Either) this five elements. They live a natural existence and they are also called principles. These are called Pancha Tatwas, are also called Pancha Bhutas in our shastras. 

The ultimate energy of Vishwa the Cosmosis what we call Bramha, from which Either or the space, Akash was established. From Akasha, Vayu the Air, from Air, Agni from Agni, Water was born and finally from water Prithvi the earth was born. Prithvi is the origin for all life beings, in which men are the major life in creation.

As a result of the permutation and combination of the various activities, all the moving and static things and animals were manifested in this scientific wheel of creation picture of the hand to include.

Finger & Elements



( Angushta ) representing Agni ( Fire ) principle is represented through the sense organ; Eyes


( Tarjani ) representing Vayu ( Air ) principle represented through the sense organ; Nose


( Madhyama ) representing Akash ( Either ) principle, is represented through the sense organ; Ears


( Anamika ) representing Prithvi ( Earth ) principle, is represented through the sense organ; Skin


( Kanishtika ) representing Varuna ( Water ) principle, is represented through the sense organ; Mouth.

An example of this principles in action is when we touch the thumb representing the fire energy with each of the other fingers we can feel the Heart Beat. The Electro-Magnetic wave produced by this touch reaches the brain. they energy thus passed on, can activate different parts of the brain and the body and fill then with energy. 

Chin Mudra

Chin Mudra

On both hands, index finger touch thumb which symbolises Agni (fire) and thumb symbolises Vayu (air) principle. Keep the other fingers free, eyes closed. Deeply inhale and exhale and focus on breath. This Mudra also called the king of Mudra, and it fills the performer's body and mind with energy.

We can do this Mudra any time. traveling, working running, sitting and lying down relaxing.  No restrictions on time, place or situation for doing this JANANA MUDRA.


This mudra strengthens the powers of the brain. Activates Air aliment in body. This mudra reduces mental tension.  It removes mental imbalances and sets right Wavering, Insanity, Intense Madness, Headache, Back pain, Anger, Laziness, Arrogance, Tension, Weariness, Fear, Doubt and Lack of Interest. Our mind reaches the state of tranquility face becomes, brighter and spiritual bent of mind increases. This Mudra work nerves in the brain get stronger and efficient and become active. 

Yoga Asana

Application of Mudra

Mudras are play a very big role for our health. Irrespective of age, anyone can get the benefits from Mudras. There are no rules or restrictions, like Mantras or Asanas in the process of forming Mudras. We can do any time anywhere. We can do them while going on our morning walk, watching T.V

Mudras is better when we use both hands. If we use only one hand, we may still get expected result, but slowly or maybe half. It is suggested for activating various organ on the right side, use the left hand and for activating the left part, use the right hand. While doing Mudras, touch the respective tips of the fingers lightly without pressure. The other fingers should be comfortably placed at rest, and free. While doing any Mudras, the minimum duration of time should not be less then 45 minutes. We may start with 5 or 10 minutes.

A beginner may spend a minimum of 10 minutes for this activity. once can talk a break at the end of 10 minutes, relax and begin again and repeat the process three or four times. the result may be slow to come, but you are sure to maintain and enjoy good health and happiness, Mentally and Physically.